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News coverage on the Bruce Lee exhibit is here.


Seattle's Wing Luke Museum to screen civil rights documentary
Taylor McAvoy, King5 [April 19]

April 19, 2018--Arts Etc.
Alan Chong Lau, International Examiner [April 19]

Escape to the Emerald City - Seattle, WA
SunCruiser Media [April 6]

The art of storytelling to find out who we are
Theresa Bakker, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner [April 1]

Woodland Park Zoo Joins The Seattle Public Library's Museum Pass Program [March 31]

7 things to do in Seattle this weekend
Nicole Capozziello, [March 29]

10 Seattle Museums You Need to Visit [March 26]

When Bruce Lee was an unknown, everyday guy  
Ruby de Luna, Kuow [March 16]

Seattle's Must-See Exhibits This 2018 Season
Samantha Ladwig, The Culture Trip [March 15]

Japanese American Remembrance Trail Map shares history of JA Community in Seattle International Examiner [March 15] 
Announcement: Contact your Representatives in Congress to preserve funding for Japanese American Incarceration History 
International Examiner [March 14]   

Trump's budget leaves out funding for Japanese American incarceration history 
Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner [March 8] 
'Sikh Captain America' will be visiting four Highline Public Schools this week 
Scott Schaefer, The Seatac Blog [March 5] 
History of Japanese-American detention comes to life in new story of ordinary object
Jerry Large, The Seattle Times [March 4] 
Lessons of the internment camps 
Tom Ikeda, The Seattle Times [February 15] 
'The Journal of Ben Uchida: Citizen 13559:' A Moving Story 
Gemma Alexander, ParentMap [February 14] 
The Bellevue Collection to honor Lunar New Year with music, dance and art 
Bellevue Reporter [February 9] 
Comedian W. Kamau Bell draw inspiration from Bruce Lee in Seattle 
Jerry Large, The Seattle Times [February 8] 
Nationally recognized leader will speak at Third Place Commons Annual Community Breakfast 
Shoreline Area News [February 6] 
Top 10 Chinatowns in the U.S. 
Jackie Burrell, East Bay Times February 5] 
Seattle Asian American Film Festival represents in Capitol Hill 
Michelle MacKinnon, Capitol Hill Times [February 4] 
Lucky You: Insider's Guide to Lunar New Year Festivals Around Seattle 
Jiaying Grygiel, ParentMap [February 1] 
The IE's 2018 Northwest Guide to Lunar New Year 
 International Examiner [February 1] 
Where to Explore Seattle's Cultural Connections 
Lara Hale, WhereTraveler [January 24] 
How to get your culture fix on a college budget this winter 
 Christine Lee, The Daily [January 8] 
Take a Winter Getaway and Discover Why Seattle is a Cultural Hotspot 
Drift Travel Magazine [January 5] 
Tenement Museum projects tell stories of immigrants 
Billy Anania, [January 4]



Vince Schleitwiler, International Examiner [December 22]

The Seattle Times [December 18]

Sarah Anne Lloyd, Curbed Seattle [December 13]

Jean Godden, Westside Seattle [December 11]

Dan Shafer, Seattle Magazine [November 29]

Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner [November 29]

Philanthropy News Digest [November 29]

Rosin Saez, Seattle Met [November 21]

Melissa Hellmann, Seattle Weekly [November 14]

Vince Schleitwiler, International Examiner [November 7]

Catherine M. Allchin, The Seattle Times [November 7]

Meg Van Huygen, Curbed Seattle [October 31]

Jacklyn Grambush, The Culture Trip [October 12]

The Stranger [October 9]

Susan Kunimatsu, International Examiner [October 5]

Deanne Revel, Travel Channel [October 5]

Alan Chong Lau, International Examiner [September 28]

Spoke [September 28]

Knute Berger, Seattle Magazine [September 18]

Mayumi Tsutakawa, International Examiner [September 15]

Mary Ann Gwinn, [September 11]

Jim Dever, King5 [September 8]

Moira Macdonald, The Seattle Times [September 7]

CityArts [September 5]

Alex Bruell, The Daily [September 2]

Jerry Large, The Seattle Times [August 23]

International Examiner, International Examiner [August 23]

Danny Sullivan, Seattle Magazine [August 22]

Lisa Edge, Real Change [August 22]

Stranger Things, The Stranger [August 21]

Public Now, Public Now [August 21]

Alan Berner, The Seattle Times [August 21]

Alan Chong Lau, International Examiner [August 16]

Lisa Edge, Real Change [August 15]

Knute Berger, Crosscut [August 13]

Public Now, Public Now [August 7]

Roxanne Ray, The International Examiner [August 4]

The Resident: Travel Guide to Seattle by Henry Art Gallery Director Sylvia Wolf
Blouin Artinfo, Blouin Artinfo [August 2]

Alan Chong Lau, International Examiner [August 2]

Aya Bisbee, International Examiner [August 2]

Beth Brunton, Real Change [August 1]

Lisa Edge, Real Change [August 1]

News Desk, BroadwayWorldly [August 1]

International Examiner, International Examiner [July 26]

The Wing Luke Museum, The Seattle Times [July 26]

Chizu Omori, International Examiner [July 24]

International Examiner, International Examiner [July 24]

Rich Smith, The Stranger [July 20]

Brendan Kiley, The Seattle Times [July 19]

Ryan Yamamoto, KOMO News [July 19]

Carpe Diem, Carpe Diem [July 19]

Happy Hour Food Walk - July
Carpe Diem, Carpe Diem [July 19]

Sara Gentzler, The Evergrey [July 16]

AmericaTowns [July 13]

Knute Berger, Seattle Magazine [July 12]

ArtsDaily [July 12]

Seattle's Most Unsung 'Park' is Hidden in This Pioneer Square Hotel
Real Estate Tourism [July 12]

International Examiner, International Examiner [July 10]

Asian Art Leaders Respond to Madame Butterfly
Carpe Diem [July 8]

Travel Quotidiano [July 6]

Mary Ann Gwinn, The Seattle Times [July 5]

Kareem Gantt, AXS [July 2]

Naima Lowe, Boston Independent Media Center [June 28]

Nichi Bey Weekly, Nichi Bey Weekly [June 21]

Greg Hill, NewsMiner [June 20]

Public Now, Public Now [June 19]

Thay Cheam, International Examiner [May 18]

Chris Daniels, King 5 [May 16]

Jerry Large, The Seattle Times [May 14]

Lauren Terry, Wiliamette Week [May 10]

Hood River News [May 10]

Carrie Yu, Trekaroo Blog [May 6]

Ruby Luna, KUOW [May 5]

Paula Wissel, KNKX [May 5]

Lena Winfrey, International Examiner [May 3]

I.J. Singh, Asia Samachar [April 26]

Julie Muhlstein, Herald Net [April 23]

Richard Winkle, News of Mill Creek [April 19]

Chetanya Robinson, International Examiner [April 19]

The Visualist [April 19]

Rich Smith, The Stranger [April 14]

Karen Ducey, Crosscut [April 7]

Spaceworks exhibit examines Cambodian genocide and refugee experience
Dave R. Davison, Tacoma Weekly [April 5]

Christine Ahn, International Examiner [April 5]

University of Washington, Columns Magazine [April 5]

Ana Sofia Knauf, The Stranger [March 30]

Alec Clayton, Northwest Military [March 30]

Chetanya Robinson, Crosscut [March 30]

Lisa Edge, Real Change News [March 15]

Joshua McNichols, KUOW [March 14]

Alec Clayton, Northwest Military [March 9]

Aly Chu, KCTS 9 [March 2]

Heather Shayne Blakeslee, Grid [March 1] [February 24]

Meet Seattle's Tiniest Tour Guides
NBC New York [February 24]

Stranger Things, The Stranger [February 20]

USA, Seattle Magazine [February 20]

Gena Wynkoop, Seattle Refined [February 19]

Kamna Shastri, International Examiner [February 17]

Kim Holcomb, King 5 [February 17]

Explore America's Only Bruce Lee Exhibit
New England Cable News [February 17]

Christine Clarridge, The Seattle Times [February 17]

5 Things To Do This Weekend: Hit the Road, Go Ice Fishing and More
Shirley Qiu, The Seattle Times [February 17]

Seattle Magazine Staff, Seattle Magazine [February 16]

Day of Remembrance: 75th Anniversary Events
International Examiner, International Examiner [February 14]

International Examiner, International Examiner [February 14]

Community Events Remembering the Signing of Executive Order 9066 
Northwest Cable News [February 13]

Su Ring, King 5 [February 13]

Roxanne Ray, International Examiner [February 9]

Jane Kidder, Seattle Met [February 9]

Kamna Shastri, International Examiner [February 8]

SW Staff, Seattle Weekly [February 8]

Ruben Navarette, San Antionio Express-News [February 6]

David McManus, E-Architect [February 3]

The Seattle Medium [February 3]

Hiroki Sakamoto, International Examiner [February 2]

Florangela Davila, Crosscut [February 2]

Amber Cortes, The Stranger [February 1]

Stranger Things, The Stranger [January 31]

Lieb Management, Open [January 31]

Gena Wynkoop, Seattle Refined [January 31]

Michele Hermann, Orbitz Travel Blog [January 30]

Andrew McCredie, National Post [January 30]


Wing Luke exhibit focuses on hidden Asian poverty

By Rosette Royale, Real Change [December 26]


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