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Our Values

Community members gather to determine what and how to share about the community-based exhibit process that they and other community members have developed at The Wing.
Our values direct what we do and how we do it. They impact every decision and interaction, sometimes in very subtle ways. Our values give us inspiration to keep going, through even the most challenging periods.

People give us meaning and purpose.
Relationships are our foundation.
We desire community empowerment and ownership.

To do this, we have found the following:

The work is labor intensive.
The work requires flexibility.
We willingly relinquish control.

Community members who have worked on previous exhibits at The Wing came together in 2016 to identify what matters most in community-based work. Their words are full of nuances so listen carefully. Their call is high, but well worth it.

Top 10 Principles for Community-based Work

1. Community-based work must be rooted in relationships of trust and respect.

2. Community-based work requires a safe, comfortable environment to express ideas and share experiences.

3. Community-based work requires listening, flexibility, agility and patience.

4. It is democratic in nature – not top-down, and not a funnel for input.

5. Community ownership of their stories enables communities to hold and use them towards their own self-determined purposes.

6. Opportunities to learn abound in community-based work.

7. Community empowerment results from bringing together diverse people within communities who might not otherwise connect and collaborate together, increased community pride through increased visibility, development of professional skills and resources within the community from grant writing to educating to publishing and more.

8. Community-based work draws together communities and creates deep engagement and connections within as well as to the broader public.

9. Community-based work creates a safe place to speak your story and your truth.

10. People get involved in heart-felt work, doing something that they believe in.

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