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Chinatown Discovery Tours

These neighborhood walking tours give you an insider look at our historic and culturally-rich neighborhood. All tours include an all-day pass to our current gallery exhibitions.


Bruce Lee's Chinatown

Advanced reservations online are required. 

Get to know Bruce better. Retrace his footsteps through the Chinatown-International District, his old stomping ground. His first practice space, his first martial arts studio, and his hangouts - see how he became a part of the local community.

Tour includes guided access of the Bruce Lee exhibit, a meal of Bruce Lee's favorite dishes at a neighborhood restaurant*, and entry into all galleries at The Wing.

*Limited food substitutions may be made for severe food allergies and dietary restrictions if booked at least one week in advance.

Bruce Lee's Chinatown

 Duration:  3 hours
 Tour times:  Tuesday - Saturday: 10:15am
 Recommended for:  All ages
 Prices:  Adults: $41.95
 Seniors: $35.95
 Students (13-18 or with student ID): $25.95
 Children (5-12): $25.95
 Under 5: Free

International Dumpling Crawl

Little bits of heart. Swallowing Clouds. Whatever you name them, people love them and the International District offers dozens of varieties of dumplings from Japan, Korea, Vietnam and China. We've chosen some of the best and most unique offerings. 

We'd like you to come eat with us and talk about food, history and meet some of the families that feed us.

Please note: Advanced online booking only. We are unable to accommodate same-day bookings or walk-ins. The foods on this tour are non-vegetarian. Some automatically come with both pork and seafood, others have red meat, and two have peanuts or come in contact with peanuts. Offered February 5, February 28, and March 7. Spots are filling up fast!

#1 International Dumpling Crawl                                                     

 Duration:  2 hours
 Tour times:
 Thu, Feb 5 @ 5pm
 Sat, Feb 28 @ 10am
 Sat, Mar 7 @ 10am
 Recommended for:  All ages

 Adults: $41.95
 Seniors: $35.95
 Students (13-18 or with student ID): $25.95
 Children (5-12): $25.95
 Under 5: Free



Touch of Chinatown

Discover Seattle's Chinatown-International District through the eyes of a local. Smell the fragrance of Chinese herbs, hom bows and roasted duck. Experience the sights while learning about the facts, myths and legends. And learn more about the diverse contributions of Asian cultures to the city and the Pacific Northwest. Includes a guided neighborhood tour and gallery admission.

Touch of Chinatown

 Duration:  90 minutes
 Tour times:  Tuesday - Friday: 2:00pm
 Saturday: 1:00pm
 Recommended for:  All ages
 Prices:  Adults: $19.95
 Seniors: $17.95
 Students (13-18 or with student ID): $14.95
 Children (5-12): $12.95
 Under 5: Free
 $8 off for The Wing's members  

Bitter & Sweet Tour

Official tour of the bestselling novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"The official Bitter & Sweet tour is a lovely way to see the real Chinatown-International District and discover the places frequented by Henry and Keiko - get an in-depth look at the neighborhood's rich history, diversity and layers of stories"
- author Jamie Ford

Explore the Canton Alley apartment where (main character) Henry Lee lived. Visit Japantown and get a glimpse of the Panama Hotel. This tour gives you a real life look at the locations present in The New York Times bestselling book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

 Duration:  90 minutes
 Tour times:  Saturday: 1:00pm
 Recommended for:  All ages
 Prices:  Adults: $17.95
 Seniors: $15.95
 Students (13-18 or with student ID): $12.95
 Children (5-12): $10.95
 Under 5: Free
 $8 off for The Wing's members  

Songs of Willow Frost Tour

Official tour based on Jamie Ford's newest novel

Journey through historic Chinatown and see the real places where characters Liu Song and William lived and loved. Dive deeper into what life was like for Chinese men, women and children at a time when America was full of possibility, yet still rife with restrictions. Experience the vibrancy of the neighborhood woven together through history, real-life stories, and multi-media. Signed copies of the book are available for purchase in the Marketplace — while supplies last.

 Duration:  2 hours
 Tour times:  By reservation - contact 206.623.5124 ext 133 or
 Recommended for:  All ages
 Prices:  Please inquire
 $8 off for The Wing's members  
 Includes:  1930s-era Chinese meal

Museum Experience

Historic Hotel Tour

Follow the footsteps of Asian Pacific American pioneers and explore the places they called home. Step inside a real 1910 shop that sold import goods and tickets to the Blue Funnel Line steamship. And enter an authentic Chinese American family association with its original tin ceilings and mahjong games. This tour takes you through fascinating historic spaces accessible only by guided tour and is included with Museum Experience General Admission.

 Duration:  45 minutes
 Tour times:  Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm
10:30am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm
 Recommended for:  6 and up
 Prices:  Adults: $14.95
 Seniors: $11.95
 Students (13-18 or with student ID): $10.95
 Children (5-12): $9.95
 Under 5: Free
 Free for museum members  
 Added options:  Customize for private or school groups.


Gallery Tour

Get an in-depth look at our latest and permanent exhibitions by touring all exhibitions or just focusing on one. 

 Duration:  60 minutes
 Tour times:  By reservation - contact 206.623.5124 ext 133 or
 Recommended for:  All ages
 Prices:  Group discount for 10 or more.
 Discount for The Wing's members  
 Added options:  Customize for private or school groups.
 Children's groups can include  hands-on activities.



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